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Yes as stated above I have read Bud's policy on layaway and as soon as they get your down payment and the item is still in stock at that time they pull and hold it.

If you had mailed in a check or money order and the items went out of stock while you "Check was in the mail" you would be out of luck until the items returned to stock.
I have ordered more than 10 guns using Bud's layaway over the last couple of years (all have gone great). I pay the same way. I make the first required payment (20%) with a debit card. This causes me to pay the CC fee of 3% (only on that 20% not the full price) but it goes through immediately and my gun goes on "hold". The rest I pay by checking account draft to avoid the extra fees. It usually takes 3-5 business days for the checking account draft to post to buds.

I do not like to pay the 3% CC fee, but I am willing to pay it on the fist 20% so it will clear right then
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