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I kinda figured a .22 mag would be better but this became a topic at work (not really sure how it came up), but myself and a couple of the other guys have .17s. I wish .22 was plentiful right now...that same work buddy and I were going to go out for rabbits tomorrow. Tried two Wal marts, two Mijers a dick's sporting goods and three gun shops for .22LR for the 10/22. All it produced was an over priced 330 round bulk box of CCI mini mags. The shelves were otherwise COMPLETELY bare at all 8 locations I visited

My Ruger seems to like the Winchester Supreme 17gr ballistic tips. It goes from dime sized 50 yard groups off a sandbag, to 2-3" with CCI TNT, 17 or 22gr. It shoots hornady okay...but not great. The Winchesters do a number on a tree rat or rabbit I tell you what But I was kind doubting it's ability to penetrate a deer skull, but I do know a farmer that puts down hogs for the processor with a .17 pistol. Otherwise if you got stranded in the middle of no-place, I think it would be a dandy little piece to have to protect/feed yourself with.

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