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Originally Posted by zombietactics:
I'll have to buy the book of course - eventually - but can you tell me if the water is temperature calibrated?
Not that I've seen.

The only mention that I have seen of water temperature was in the second chapter where the the density of water (at ~39F) is used along with its bulk modulus to calculate the speed of sound in water (about 4910 fps) using the Newton-Laplace equation in order to compare it to the speed of sound in ordnance gelatin (about 4900 fps).

My best guess is that since the density of water only fluctuates about 1.15% over any imaginable temperature at which water would be used- 35F (999.9kg/m^3) - 120F (988.5 kg/m^3)- as a test medium, that any difference in the calculated speed of sound in water attributable to temperature variances would be negligible (0.60% or ~30 fps according to the Newton-LaPlace equation) and that both mediums have an effectively equivalent (the speed of sound in water would be 100.60% that of gelatin at most) internal speed of sound.
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