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Glenn E. Meyer said
"I got a 432 for $330 when they were discontinued. I like those 32s. Great J frames."

Glenn you have good taste! Love my 431 (hammer'd version of your 432). A lil' bit if scandium heaven.

Sevens, +1 to all you said. The .327 "situation" has been inexplicably mismanaged and mis-or-undermarketed from the start, to no fault of the cartridge itself. If I were Ruger's CEO, I'd been on the horn weekly with "partners" Federal, Starline, etc, saying "Gentlemen/ladies - get your act together - NOW!" Collectively I would have introduced the ..327 ammo UNDER normal market rates, say, for "regular" .357--or inbeteeen .38 and .357--to get it started...then maybe inch it up over time if/as necessary to profitability but only once the cartridge and guns so-chambered had been solidly established. . Additionally I would have insured, to the extent remotely feasible, that all components would be open-market asap with little restriction. It confounds me how the round has been handled. Then again, I'm still miffed about mismanagement, mis/undermarketing and how little support the wonderful .32 H&R got over the past thirty years!

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