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Use them for plinking loads. 55 gr bullets, just enough charge to cycle your rifle.
Umm, he said he was going to use them in a bolt action....

LC is the most uniform brass but if it has the NATO cross I have found it to be much better than without the cross. Very uniform but some off center flash holes if no NATO cross.

To me S&B have very tight nicely formed primer pockets. Even though they aren't crimped, I swage them all before I prime them. So beware you may encounter priming problems with them.

There is a lot of negative feelings about FC brass. Lots has been written regarding thin webs. I swage all FC brass and have NEVER found a web to be thinner than anything else.

The only 223 brass I will not load is AMERC. But in 223 it is much better quality than 9mm. I use the AMERC brass for all my bullet seating standards (seat a bullet in a sized and unprimed case to make setting your sizing die easy).

I do weigh brass to see if any is very heavy and I need to adjust my loading.
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