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What do I think? I think it will take a bit of patience and the public/government is going to move on to the latest Issue of the Moment. I think the gun grab-everything-at-all-cost extremists will hoot and holler and try to keep the issue in the forefront, and lose in the long run. They may make some gain, but I don't believe it's going to be the Firearmegedon that many seem to believe.

Price problems are our fault. People have panicked and bought everything in sight and the ONLY political thing that has happened so far is a bunch of rhetoric. If anyone should have learned ANYTHING by now, it's that our government moves at a pace that would make a turtle look like The Flash.

In short, at this point people have freaked out over nothing and have served mainly to clear the shelves, line the pockets of opportunistic people/companies, drive prices through the roof, and give manufacturers an excuse to keep those prices elevated.

I watched a guy today at my LGS drop just short of $2,500 on a bare bones, box stock Colt in 9mm. I know for a fact that prior to this fiasco the Colt version of this rifle with all the Magpul goodies was on the shelves for just shy of half that money. I know because I'd had my eye on it and hesitated one day too long and missed out.

All this because of what MIGHT some undetermined date in the future.

Personally, I'd rather this post, this thread, and most threads like it that seem to be full of mostly conjecture, would be locked/deleted. I feel they serve little to no purpose.
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