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Originally Posted by Nanuk:
I guess one of the problems I have with water simulation is the fact that water is not a good test media for bullets.
First of all, that is not a fact. You might think it is, but it is not.

Besides the model presently under discussion, water is recognized as being a valid test medium by several authorities in the field including the FBI FTU as described in, “Applied Wound Ballistics: What’s New and What’s True”, and by Dr. Martin L. Fackler and Beat P. Kneubuehl of IWBA fame and authors of that paper as well as in "Handgun Bullet Performance" Int Def Rev; 1988, 21: p. 555-557.

Another authority in the field, Duncan MacPherson, also states that water is indeed a valid ballistic test medium even going so far as to describe such test methodology using water as a test medium in his book, "Bullet Penetration", using his terminal ballistic penetration model.

You may 'poo-poo' these sources all that you want (you've made your disdain for Fackler et al. very clear on other occasions), but there it is. Your disdain for these people doesn't mean that they are wrong; it just means that you don't like them.

Perhaps you can provide some actual proof in support of your claim, "that water is not a good test media for bullets" instead of just spouting unsupported opinion.

Do you have documented proof (research papers, lab data, etc.) in support of your claim?
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