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I have heard bad things about the Grendel in an AR.
Too much for the way the bolt is relieved.
Could just be rumors.
As I've had absolutely no problems in 2,500 rounds, I went looking on the web to find what I believe to have started the rumors:

from 2-1/2 years ago....
I kept a running tally of broken bolts that were reported here or on the Grendel forum for nearly 2 years. Almost every bolt that broke was running handloads, and most admitted to running on the high end, or even over the max recommended pressures.

There were 2 exceptions. 1 was broken using handloads, but the owner swore he was only using factory loading data. The other was broken using almost exclusively Les Baer/Black Hills loaded ammo, though there were a few boxes of AA ammo also in that rifle.

I stopped keeping track well over a year ago, when the initial rash of complaints seemed to completely disappear. Since then, I have only heard of a single broken bolt, and one broken extractor.

That said, I could only track the bolts broken that were reported here or on the Grendel forum, there may well have been others, but I have no data, (obviously) for them. As JFA noted, the split was essentially 50/50 for AA vs others.

However, since that initial rash of complaints, AA has upgraded their bolt, and now even makes an extended life bolt with hard chrome plating. I have had NO reports of that bolt breaking, (Mine has approaching 3000 rounds on it, and was one of the prototypes). I also have had no complaints about the "2nd Generation" bolts, the ones that are now being used as the standard bolt.

Bolt issues do not appear to be a problem at this point.

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