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I worked in a gun shop through the 80’s and 90’s. Every now and then people would come into the store wanting to get rid of guns.
The owner who was slightly less than honest, if he wanted the guns would offer 20% what they were worth if he wanted them.
If a gun came in that he wasn’t interested in any one working could then make a deal.
This one came in and I didn’t give much for it, don’t really remember. I don’t know when it was built and never tried to figure that out. But it is a real Remington rolling block action only (I think) but there are no marking on the breach or guard.
There are no markings on the gun at all. A friend who was the best gun smith in our city went over the gun and gave it his blessing. It is a 45/70 and I have shot it a good deal. But only with black powder. I know that Remington’s are supposed to be indestructible, but I’m not.
The barrel has some pitting but at 50 yards it will hold several inches even with the lousy rear sights. It also weighs 300 pounds.
It dose draw a crowd then its fired.
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