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nice looking ar you got there glad to see you got it, now lets just hope we get to keep them with all this awb mumbo jumbo going around.
i have not been able shoot mine yet as i dont have alot of ammo to burn at the moment so i will have to wait on that, but the more i look and handle it the more im leaning toward changing the buttstock and handguard but im still not 100% sure yet.

hey rep1954 your not picking on anyone's photo taking ability with that picture taking info i actually appreciate it as i just picked up my first dslr a rebel t3i and am trying to learn all i can about photography. its actually funny as you were typing that helpful info i was just about to start reading a new book i got in the mail called understanding exposure. hopefully next time i post some pics they will be atleast a little better in quality and exposure.
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