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Comments re> Take-Down Barrel Tightness

The Remington Model 24, and Model 241, take-down .22 rifles should have their barrels adjusted just tight enough such that they don't have perceptable wobble under normal handling.

When reattaching the barrel the force required to rotate it should significantly increase just as the barrel is coming to its correct (attached) orientation.

A gunsmith told me, as I was picking-up a Model 241 from being cleaned, that he felt that it was better to leave any take-down rifle in its attached state except for when it was really necessary to break it down for travel. He said that every time a take-down rifle has its barrel removed-and-reattached that it contributes to wear (I already thought that but apparently the gunsmith felt the amount of wear was above-and-beyond what would be considered as 'normal wear').

(I'll add this comment ..... Although I think that the Remington Models 24 and 241 ... and the Browning SA-22 .... are beautiful .22 rifles but they can be tough to clean up inside their receivers after doing some plinking. I use Q-Tips, soaked in CLP, to run around in the receiver next to the breech; it's surprising how much burned powder accumulates there.)
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