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I don't make excuses about accidents or whatever.

I state the defense against tyranny. If that is not accepted as possible in the USA, as I stated elsewhere - I can justify that governments and peoples can become monstrous tyrannies in a short time given circumstances.

Did that today twice when asked. As when asked for evidence, I cite:

1. Gun laws were used to suppress African-Americans who might have used firearms to defend themselves against a repressive society and populace. Note - Black Panthers and CA laws for a modern example.

2. Germany - (not a Godwin rant). 1913 - 1936. A civilized country becomes a monster due to circumstance.

3. Social psych (as I said elsewhere) - Zimbardo, Milgram - we see in the USA experience, My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Kent State

There are other example of how the USA could go that way and that was feared the Founding Fathers.

We have a unique mind set that while the state is usually defined as the sole legit user of force in society (except for limited SD), the USA because of our history, decided to allow the populace to be a resevoir of force to oppose government tyranny.

That's what I say - I don't care about this is not really an assault weapon or accidents, doctors, cars do blah,blah. None of that is convincing.

My view. We have the right to efficacious means to protect us against tyranny.
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