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just got a sw 32 long ctg nickel plate black grips serial #5126##.
Serial number dates it to 1930's. Without a picture and/or better description I can't provide any further info.

It doesn´t have a superior plate screw (on the right side), just two screws in the inferior part. And it doesn´t have a model number.

Is it right to define that it was exactly 1957 ???
See pic for screw locations and numbers.
If it has number 5 then it's pre 1957.

Just received a S&W Model 15 from my mother, who has held onto it since my grandpa's death a few years ago. I'd love to know what year this gun was made. Also, does anyone know what the other numbers and letters mean? (Not the best picture, but it's 63794.
The serial number (K329xxx) dates it to 1958.
The other numbers are assembly/inspector numbers.

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