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Sigh - the reason not to use hoplophobe is that if specifically envoke the term and try to make being an antigunner a mental illness (as was stated), you misuse the idea of specific phobias and anxiety disorders.

It is not that you shouldn't use it as it perjorative but it makes no technical sense.

Not to be against the rant but being against gun ownership is not a sufficient indicator of mental illness. If it makes you feel better to think that go ahead but frankly is it stupid.

Using old Freudian terminology is stupid. Freud explains everything and there are baloney Freudian analyses of how you, my gun loving buds, are nuts for liking guns.

Same with religion - I can easily find how believing in some religious tenets are seen to be psychopathological. Freud is based on the idea that anything you do is pathological. The rejection of that is what started other psychological paradigms.

So continue to use these as it is a way to feel better about yourself but it is useless in the real battle about the RKBA.
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