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Advice time? OK, here's my 2 cents worth- one primer related, one not-

First- when you box your finished cartridges run a finger over each and every primer and make sure they are at least flush, and preferably slightly below flush. A high primer (and even one that is flush) can easily absorb the impact of a firing pin resulting in a failure to fire. If you are hunting or defending yourself, this is a bad thing. At the range this is no problem, once you have confirmed that the shot wasnt a squib you can try it again and the primer will usually fire (having been fully seated by the firing pin).

Second- always visually inspect your charge when you are placing the bullet. Note that I said when you are placing the bullet. If you are batch loading and want to check all 50 at once, great. Check each case again when you are placing the bullet on each individual case. Just like a gun that you have not personally unloaded at that moment should always be considered loaded, so should a case that you are not looking at right at that moment always be considered empty (or otherwise improperly charged). If you develop this habit early on, and never stop doing it, you have greatly increased your chances of avoiding a squib, one of the most dangerous and potentially life threatening things that can happen when you are shooting. If anything ever seems off when you are assembling a cartridge, stop, set that cartridge aside to be pulled or pull it immediately.

Happy loading. Be safe.
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