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Because of upcoming moving expenses, the need for a new roof on the home out West, and realizing I need a handgun...I decided it wasnt the best idea to drop 1K on a nice rifle/scope. So, I ordered the Savage 111 Trophy Hunter XP 30-06 accutrigger with a Nikon 3-9X40 BDC and got me a Smith & Wesson M&P9c.

I gonna start with 125 grain loads and build up.

This is my first handgun as well, and it was between that and the Glock 19. However finding any Glocks or M&P's in the local area was getting real tough and I got lucky when I found the 9mm for $479 plus tax. The Savage was $479 out the door total (including ffl fees from Buds).

I plan on using a grip extender with a 17 round magazine to make the 9mm a home defense weapon, but with the flexibility for a CCW down the road if I please.

Since I saved some money by going this route, I gonna use that to justify getting into reloading when I get settled back west..haha

Thanks to the folks who offered advice and I will post a pic when I can (the county said 15 day wait for handgun permit)
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