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Hello everyone.....

This is my first and surely not my last post to the forum.

I've been living in Rockland County all my life and have been a CCW license holder for 30 of those years.

Yes....I found myself on that list and am not very happy with the Journal News doing so

That being said, I have already sent letters to the Rockland and Westchester County Editors, and copying the Districts NYS Senators, US Congressman and US Senators voicing my true dissapointment and outrage for what they have done to me, my family and fellow Hudson Valley comrades.....

Credit is due to Robert Cox, who's blog "Talk of the Sound" (see attached link)...has shown great support for the injustice that was done....

As my Father (RIP) used to tell me "The pen is mightier than the sword, and if that does not work, hurt them in the wallet".

Its now time to Boycott the Journal News and its Advertisers.....

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