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Originally Posted by Noreaster
Full faith and credit applies to your move. If you were legal in CA you can move through what ever States you go through as long as the firearm is unloaded and locked in a case.

By "full faith and credit" I assume you are referring to the Firearms Owners Protective Act (FOPA), which addresses interstate transport (not carry) of firearms. But the FOPA applies ONLY if your possession (actually the law says "carry") of the firearm(s) is legal in the state where the journey begins, and in the state where the journey ends.

The OP's wife is presumably legal in California, where they now live. If, for example, they were to be transferred to Fort Drum, NY, she cannot (legally) enter NY state with any handgun unless and until she obtains a NY state permit with that specific handgun (or guns) listed on it. If she doesn't have that, the FOPA doesn't apply and she would also be at the mercy of any gun-unfriendly states through which the trip to NY from CA might pass.
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