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Sorry, It's been a busy day, otherwise I would have chimed in sooner.

Vanya, as I recall the child we both talked about had actually assaulted his father, and was making the threats as they hauled him away for assault. The "threats" charge, even had there been one available, was secondary to the assault. ALL of these parents that were worried about their children that way had restrained their children in the midst of an assault on themselves or others at that point. I know because after I had heard a few stories I asked for a show of hands, they pretty much all went up. I've been very, very lucky with my daughter that way.
The reason this is important is that even when it became apparent that these people were a danger the system was simply not set up to stop it.

We can deal with theory all you want, but unless we address the reality that is occurring right now, not years in the past, nothing will change.
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