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Our hunting starts in September (Antelope) and ends in early/mid October (Elk, and/or Deer).

Once it's over, we start planning for the next one.

In the mean time, there are coyotes to kill, rabbits/hares to chase, and a few birds worth eating.

I wanted to get out before Chukar season is over, but my shotgun decided it was worn out; and my backup (.44 Mag with custom shot shells) is in Ruger's hands for a new cylinder. I could use my .444 Marlin with .410 loads in .444 cases, in a pinch; but effective range is quite limited, and I only have 3 cases for shot loads. - Maybe next year.

In the Spring, it'll be time to hit the rodent population for erosion and coyote food control measures. Everything from .22 Short, to .270 Win, to .416 Rigby, to .450 Nitro will come out of the woodwork, to blast the ground squirrels and jack rabbits (if it was a good year for jacks).

But, between now and June, we have several drawings to enter, if we want to hunt anything bigger than a rabbit in 2013. Utah big game first. Then, Wyoming big game and Wyoming antlerless. Then Utah antlerless. Then Wyoming bonus points (if not taken care of in the draw). Then we buy an over-the-counter Elk tag, if applicable.

My first application is due Jan 31. Time to get crackin'.
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