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Who is the militia? Only we seem to be asking that question...
Actually, I've seen several largely anti-gun op-ed pieces and blog posts that talk extensively about the militia. Their arguments generally take one of two routes:
  • The 2A only applies to the militia, and the militia today is the National Guard.
  • The 2A applies to the militia, and since everyone is part of the militia, ownership of arms should be "well-regulated," and *I* get to define what that means.
These writers seem unaware that the Heller decision basically throws the militia arguments to the wind. My point is that the insurrectionist argument should go with it.

"I should be able to own firearms because self-defense is a civil right" is a MUCH stronger argument that "I should be able to own firearms so I can one day participate in the violent overthrow of our representative government" (which is how the more vehement insurrectionist arguments sound to many uneducated observers).
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