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thanks Jim, that was what I was thinking. Odd thing is these Dogtowns are very consistent in weight. I will be playing with them more next week. I found 2 good nodes with the RL10x, now to see if I can get consistent results. Only three of the ten five shot groups were above 34 FPS and the rest were in the low 20's and teens do it could have been poor technique on my part

one other question not related to my original but I noticed some bolt stickiness even though I have been pushing the 39 gr SBK's harder. I saw not other signs of pressure but when I got home I was processing the brass and notice I had some whose necks were in need of trimming. This brass was on it's second firing after being necksized. The necks were up to .005 longer than SAMMI specs and wondering if that could have caused my bolt tightness
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