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I have run Tula Large pistol primer in my SDB. I have also used Winchester and CCI large pistol primers. No problems. My SDB is only setup to load .45 apc with large primers. I use my 550b for anything with small primers including .45 apc. I prefer the 550b over the SDB press. The SDB does produce ammo like it should. I also got the SDB after owning a 550b for a while. I can do more with the 550b than I can with a press that can only do certain pistol calibers. The 550b seems to run smoother. I believe the powder measures are the same and both give me the same results when I checking powder drops. There isn't much if any difference is speed between the two once things are setup and adjusted for the load you want to do. Working up loads seems to be easier to do on the 550b in my opinion.
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