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Other information-

Hornady moved some unpopular and nearly-obsolete cartridge to their website, and says they will continue to do so with future editions. The data is still available, but not in the book. It can be found here: Obsolete Reloading Manual Data

Major changes for the 9th edition:

New cartridges (rifle):
17 Hornet
5.56x45 NATO
300 Whisper (combined with 300 AAC Blackout)
300 AAC Blackout (combined with 300 Whisper)
356 Winchester
416 Barrett
416 Ruger
505 Gibbs

New cartridges (handgun):
327 Federal Mag

Deleted cartridges (rifle):
219 Zipper (moved to website)
219 Donaldson Wasp (moved to website)
7-30 Waters (as a rifle cartridge)
7.92x33 Kurz (??)
7x61 Shape & Hart (moved to website)

Deleted cartridges (handgun):
270 REN (moved to website)
7.63 Mauser (??)
300 Whisper (as a handgun cartridge)
357-44 Bain & Davis (moved to website)
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