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I believe that Hornady's manual still has data for 7.5 Swiss.
The 7th and 8th editions have 7.5 Swiss and 7.5 MAS data.

Since they aren't in the 'deleted' list, I'm guessing they're still in the 9th edition.
9th Edition deleted cartridges (rifle)-
219 Zipper (moved to website)
219 Donaldson Wasp (moved to website)
7-30 Waters
7.92x33 Kurz

Deleted cartridges (handgun)-
7.63 Mauser
300 Whisper (as a handgun cartridge)

The Lee manual has loads for the 7.5 MAS and the 7.5 Swiss. I don't believe that they actually did any testing on the 7.5 MAS. I believe that they simply copied the 30-40 Krag load data and left it at that. Most anyone that loads for the 7.5 MAS will tell you that you can safely get better performance than the listed data in the Lee manual.
Aside from the fact that they compiled 95% of their data from other (outdated) sources, that's one of my biggest complaints about the Lee manual. They have too many cartridges with data 'calculated based on a similar cartridge'. As 7.5 MAS and 8x50mm Lebel shooters will tell you... often, it doesn't work. It's so conservative that some of the data will actually leave bullets lodged in the bore.
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