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Erno86, I don't understand "though a barrel --- whose bottom is insulated by the stock from heat dissipation...will rise vertically"

Where's the heat coming from the stock insulates the barrel from?

Or do you mean a barrel that's got hot will have its bottom in the stock's fore end stay hotter and the expanding metal cause it to bend upwards?

I've never seen any of my match barrels shoot bullet higher (or lower) as they got hot. Even at 1000 yards, they hold elevation for shot impact going from ambient temperature to pretty darned hot after firing 20 to 30 shots in 15 to 25 minutes.

Whatever droop a barrel may have, cold or hot, is negated anyway as the muzzle axis whips quite a bit in the vertical plane. It's typically on its way up and close to the high point when the bullet exits; the best place for bullet exit anyway. Droop doesn't come into play as far as accuracy's concerned, in my opinion.
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