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Just going to reply to your replies to me.

Yeah, I agree with that. Which is why I mainly carry full sized. But for this..I might have to consider an alternative... I have huge hands and don't like anything smaller than 9mm. But I prefer .45 if I can pack one.
Not to mention, I don't shoot them as well as I do a full sized gun. I only see them as BUG's.
I'm with you. I have huge hands also. I carry a G19 Gen 4 as my EDC, and even with the largest grip panels on, the grip still seems a tad small. My pinky can barely get on the grip, and many times I find it resting on the bottom of the magazine. It took a lot of practice to get used to firing this gun. I much preferred the G17, or even better G21. But I compromised to the G19 because I knew I'd have issues concealing the 17 or 21.

I don't know exactly what you are going to be doing that will require you to have a lot of physical movement, etc. But, a BUG gun is better than no gun. I carry an LCR as a BUG, but I've carried it several times as a primary (for various reasons, that aren't relevant). Even with my huge hands, I actually really like this gun. I can get two fingers solidly on the grip, with my pinky curled under the grip. The Hogue Tamer grip it comes with is very large. It's smaller than I'd like, but then again, this is a purpose bought "compromise" gun.

No one shoots a small gun as well as a large one. That is a given. But ask yourself, how much worse of a shot are you? At 15 yards, my 5 shot groups with my LCR are more or less an inch bigger than my G19. At 5 yards, you can't really tell a difference. If I have to engage at 15 yards, I'm not worried about that inch. Everyone is different, but I can only go off of my own experiences.

Don't like most of those. Tried them...I can accept the Glock 26 & 30 though. Also, I'd like to try the XDs. Good call on that...Especially the XDs
I've never shot an XDs, but I've held a few. The grips are actually pretty small on them. I much prefer the fat Hogues on my LCR. Again, preference is preference, and YMMV.

True, true, true...Sounds good. Maybe if I obtain an XDs...But this is difficult because I can't do anything not full sized. :/ won't be easy but I'll try it out.
Practice! I was terrible with my G19 when I first got it, and I am usually a pretty good shot. I just forced myself to get used to it. Same with my LCR. Now those are the only two guns I own that I carry. With them, I can carry concealed in almost any situation, and I wouldn't feel outgunned.

What do you mean exactly that you can't do anything not full sized? Do you mean that you go from 3 inches at 15 yards to 12 inches at 15 yards? Or something else? I know a lot of people that feel a difference of a half inch at 15 yards is just too much. But in a defensive situation, that half inch means nothing. I guess I just want to know where your standard is here.

Your comment could have done without this part. lol but yeah...I know.
Sorry, wasn't trying to be mean or snarky or anything. Just wanted to push the point that there was going to have to be a compromise somewhere. Maybe you've done this, maybe you haven't, but here's something you can try.

List everything that is important to you in this gun/holster that you want to use in the situation you're talking about. Then prioritize. Put a 1 next to the attribute that is most important, a 2 next to the next important and so on. This can really help you narrow down what you need to get. If not printing is the #1 priority, then you've basically knocked all larger framed guns off as a possibility. If having a large framed gun is #1 priority, then you will have to compromise on concealability. I wish there was a perfect solution, but reading what you're writing, I think you see there isn't and something is going to have to give.
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