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I started out shooting my .308 with nothing but Federal GMM; kept all the brass. After 3-4 reloads of the Federal brass, started to feel a lot of variation in neck tension, so I've put all that brass away. Ordered 100 pieces of Lapua. Haven't worked with it enough yet to form my own conclusions, but it's reputation is well deserved from all that one can read about it.

Hornady A-Max and the goofy Z-Max both come loaded in Hornady's Match brass. The Z-Max can be caught on sale for $26 per box (couple days ago from I've got about 100 pieces of it as well. Only reloaded 20 or so though. The Hornady stuff comes with the primer pockets crimped. After you press the primer out, you gotta chamfer out the primer pocket before you can seat another one. Kind of a pain.

Can't speak to anything else.

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