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as long as we are offering a bit of advice... no TV while reload, it really requires your full attention... I have a buddy who I can't get to turn off the TV, when he reloads, & he's had some seriously bad mistakes, one, including sticking 5 bullets in the barrel of a revolver... the result of forgetting to charge one case, & shooting lighter loads that what were listed in his manual

next part is a "do what I say, not what I do" but only load what you can find in a manual, & always start with the reduced loads recomended & work your way up... never load lighter or heavier loads that what are published in the manuals

reason I don't follow this rule, is for a couple reasons... 1) I've been reloading since the mid 80's, & had a very good mentor ( my FIL ) when I started... 2) I now have many totally original chamberings... 3) I still have a very good mentor, in one of my FIL's old buddys ( lost my FIL in the 90's ) buddy is a retired tool & die guy who has been building guns, casting bullets & reloading since the 40's... I spend as much time with him as I can, trying to gleen as much info as I can... a plus of becoming friends, I have more custom guns than anyone else I know... err... well except for him...
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