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How would we do things differently? We'd start by NOT DOING a whole darn lot and by taking the document for what it SAYS!
"Not doing a whole darn lot" would be maintaining the staus quo, and taking the document for what it says would involve undoing much.

The country will not survive either course, I fear: far too many people (something like 50% of the housholds in the country) DEPEND upon a direct payment from the .gov for their standard of living..... many of those would starve w/o the payments they recieve. That will not happen ......

Neither can we afford to keep paying for that ..... catch 22.

I do know this: What can not continue, will not. If you depend upon the for your supper (or anything else you need), I suggest you make alternative plans.

....and BT, you may not want to be my friend, but you are my Brother.
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