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Oh, got you MWM, I didnt know this was a safe. Very nice!

Fortunately I do not have to trigger lock my safe-stored guns either (yet).

To be honest, I do not HAVE to choose a trigger lock in my state, I could opt for a cable/lock through the action instead (this is for storage of guns outside a safe or locked drawer/container/closet, not for vehicle transport).

For my HD guns (bedside, etc) I do opt for one of those easy-to-remove yet legal trigger locks simply to meet the legal requirements and still allow me to access them quickly. If a kid were to break in the house and steal one you can bet I would be in some SERIOUS trouble if it were not locked.

For anyone who does need one, here is one that satisfies the requirement and comes off as fast as a lens cap if you know how to operate it

Anyway, nice storage setup.
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