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Thanks for posting this.

I ASSUMED the article would be from some nobody's blog.

It's from the "Des Moines Register - A Gannett Company".

Says so right up top of the web page. IIRC it was a Gannett Company that recently posted the addresses and a map showing where gun owners lived.

He says he's spoken up for gun control in the past after a tragedy...

And in every case the main effect was a spike in gun sales.
Well who does he think is buying the guns? The NRA??? It's PEOPLE! Citizens, folks, guys and gals. Shouldn't that make him think? How can he possibly think everyone buying a gun is deranged? How many MILLIONS of gun owners are there in the country. How can he possibly think they are all wackos?

(And my apologies if I offended anyone with the 'it's people' Charleton Heston quote from the movie Solent Green. I couldn't resist.)
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