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At my place a hog that runs more than 25 yards is going to be hard to find without tracking dogs. One that runs 100 yards will never be found without a dog until next day... look out for buzzards.

We shoot hogs all year long at my place and we shoot about 50 hogs a year. I personally witness the shooting on about 40 of those hogs and most are head shot and most of those will drop on the spot. It doesn't always kill the hog on the spot but they always drop immediately. Few are neck shots (usually in the upper neck close to head) and those shot usually have same effect. Very few that are shot in the heart/lung area will usually run a good distance. It's not unusual for a hog to run 100+ yards after having it's lungs and heart shot and I've seen few that ran several hundred yards. One hog did drop on the spot with heart shot but the was with 300WM at close range and the heart and lung exploded inside the hog.

Even with handguns a well placed head shot will drop a hog on the spot.
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