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I second the notion of the constitution as a literal document. Each of the founding fathers may have intentions influenced by differing opinions. The final document, I'm sure, is a product of compromises. I agree with Brian that there's way too much reading between the lines.

The second amendment is 27 words, yet we have page after page of debate on what the founders may have had in mind. In the end, it really matters not what they were thinking, what matters is what was put in the final document.

About my earlier posts about defense against tyranny... I made a poor attempt at demonstrating the fact that John Q. Public isn't receptive of that argument. It very well seems to be what the founders had in mind, it is not looked upon favorably by the populace.
If a sworn officer of the law wants to disarm me, I will comply. If members of the military are under orders to disarm me, I will comply. Tyranny it may be, I'll have to sort it out later.

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