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MrBorland Thunderwear
Not bad at all..I may just try this out. Not even kidding.

loose_holster_dan it doesn't matter. you're still printing with a big gun. i used to use one while running, but i only had a pf9. i tried carrying the p-07. even that was way too big not to print heavily.
When I have gone running, it's a Glock 19 @ 1:00 and though I'm not a fan of appendix carry it's fine by me given the situation.

loose_holster_dan unless you want to wear dress shorts while you exercise...

these aren't considered legal holsters in most states where a holster is required.
Ah...thanks, I'm not big on shorts. Unless I'm going to the beach. I'm already covered there too. lol

Gaerek I too was going to suggest a belly band. Fanny pack would work too, but they're dorky, and basically scream, "GUN!" to anyone else who carries.
Yeah, won't catch me dead and cold in a fanny pack. lol

Is there a reason a small gun serves you no purpose? I am an advocate of carry the biggest gun you can conceal, but at times, that means a small gun. There are plenty of small guns in good defensive calibers, that are pretty easy to carry.
Yeah, I agree with that. Which is why I mainly carry full sized. But for this..I might have to consider an alternative... I have huge hands and don't like anything smaller than 9mm. But I prefer .45 if I can pack one.
Not to mention, I don't shoot them as well as I do a full sized gun. I only see them as BUG's.

Just a small list:

J-Frame Revolver
Ruger LCR
Ruger LC9
Glock 26/27/30/36/etc
Kel-Tecs (many)
Kahr's (many)
Don't like most of those. Tried them...I can accept the Glock 26 & 30 though. Also, I'd like to try the XDs. Good call on that...Especially the XDs

...and the list goes on and on. All on that list are at least 9mm/.38 SPL, and a few are even bigger, .357 Mag, .40, .45, etc.
9mm & .45 make me happy

As far as what a Bellyband is, just do a Google search for Belly Band Holster. There are a bunch of companies that make them. I don't have one right now, but have used in the past. They work pretty well. Since I plan to start jogging again soon, I think I'm going to pick one up again since it'll be the easiest way to conceal something while running, I think. Massad Ayoob talks about them in several of his books. Their biggest drawback is they are difficult to reholster. But beyond that, they're very concealable, very confortable (relatively speaking, anyway) and usually relatively cheap ($20-$30 range).
True, true, true...Sounds good. Maybe if I obtain an XDs...But this is difficult because I can't do anything not full sized. :/ won't be easy but I'll try it out.

EDIT: By the way, what you're asking for is the holy grail of CCW. A full-size gun and holster combo that can be worn with basically any type of clothing, with any type of activity, without printing. If you can figure out a way to do that, you'll be a rich man. If not, *something* has to give.
Your comment could have done without this part. lol but yeah...I know.

RedBowTies88 The ONLY method I've found works for me in active situations (concerts mostly..complete with "mosh pits") is pocket carry of a small gun.

My p-64 slips into my pocket and thats all she wrote...unless someone literally feels me up there's no way to tell I'm carrying.
Thanks..I don't like pocket carry. I'm having a hard time mentally preparing for a possible small gun. lol

I am going to go out on a limb and assume you have difficulty shooting small guns, either due to hand size or lack of practice.
Don't like them. My hands..etc....

If so, you can get larger grips for many small guns (I have Altamont grips with little finger rest on my 442) that will still conceal well, and/or dry fire (with snap caps) is your friend.
I don't know about that..I'll see how they feel at the LGS. lol yes, I own plenty of those little red duds.

Can most of us shoot small guns as well as big guns? No. If nothing else, they will be slower for follow up shots. But some small guns are better than others. In my personal collection, the 442 and MK9 are easy to hide, yet still shoot well; the PPS may be the best compromise between deep concealability and shootability; and the P7 conceals pretty easily yet shoots amazingly well.
That first line says it all for me.

I use a Mika pocket holster for the 442, a belly-band or IWB for the MK9, a Soteria Leather IWB for the PPS, or an Andrews Leather MacDaniel IWB for the P7.
I'm curious of this bell band thing. Pic?

For your activities, given my guns, I would go with the MK9. If its weight were a problem (though that weight is a big advantage in recoil control) I would consider a PM9 or CM9. Then again, you might find a PPS comfortable in a belly band - I do not. But if I did, that would be the choice - it is much easier to shoot than the other small 9s, and easier to deep conceal than the P7.
I tried the CW9 and PM9 I didn't like either of them at all.

I'd much rather try the bell band with my P220 or at least the G19.

Maybe even consider a commander style 1911 with an alloy frame.

ClydeFrog You seem to have a lot of constraints to put on members for selecting a holster(s). You may find a good system here; . Lenny Magill sells a few items that could conceal a Glock 19 size pistol. 5.11 & a few other brands now have active wear garments too.
I know, I appreciate everyone who has responded. I'm a bit of a PITA when it comes to my full sized guns.

I'll check out those sites after I hit "Sumbit Reply" here.

5.11 might have some good pants..But I don't know about my smallest G19 fitting anywhere in there. I saw one once with a pocket that was knee high.
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