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Redding 9mm 3 die sets- seat & taper well enough?

I've been reloading 38 spl. for the last 2yrs, on an old hand me down Lyman T-Mag turret press that works very well. I recently started reloading for 45 & 9mm. Last night I loaded 5 different groups of Cast 230g 45 acp using 3-Die RCBS carbide TC dies. Surprisingly I had no problem adjusting OAL & the taper crimp. I fired all the rounds this morning & they all functioned perfectly & accuracy was acceptable.
I would like to load cast 147g 9mm with a 3 die set too & cut my reloading time. Right now I use a Lyman 3 die set plus their taper crimp. Reviews I've read on the 3die RCBS 9mm sets are far from encouraging. Has any one used the Redding 3 die set? I was hoping their seating & taper crimp might be better than the RCBS.
I've recently started shooting steel plate & bowling pin matches & extreme accuracy is not necessary.

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