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Give Ballistol a try. It's got the kicker of being environmentally friendly. That is the main reason I made the switch. I'm always looking for ways to chemical down a bit more. You will read that some find the smell horrible. That is nonsense. It has a "licoricy" sort of smell.

After cleaning say, my 1911, I put a couple drops on my fingers and just rub it into the entire piece. Any residue left on my hands gets rubbed into my belt or shoes or any other leather nearby. Excellent for wood stocks also.

I add a couple drops to a rag with (is it "Old English" - I'd have to look) lemon oil for wood around the house.

I've tried a bunch of cleaners and lubes over the decades, I don't think you could beat the stuff.

I am not affiliated in any way with the company.

Happy shootin dude.
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