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AO got a bad rep from really poor guns made by a former "owner" I think is the right word.
the guns they produced in the 80's and part of the 90's, you could not pay me to touch.

as I understand it, they have greatly improved but many people are still gun shy about buying from them, especially when there are better known for quality guns and cheaper in the RIA lineup.

if it has to be a GI style gun, you are very limited in options. Even fewer still as a US made gun. At least in the 600 or under range.
I didn't think the remington was made in the US either.
and ruger doesn't offer a GI type.
springfields GI is made in brazil.
does Para make one?

if it is truly a problem to buy a non-us gun, look used for colts or save another 100 ish and pick up a new one.
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