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Tactical lights and techniques ... new toy!

I will putting together a tactical light film shortly. I can say with confidence that I doubt that any cop in America has searched more homes and/or buildings than I. I worked a very rich area, which borders a not so nice hood, and everyone of these behemoth homes has an alarm or two; businesses do as well. My tactics are based on vast experience, much more than all the training I received in all my years on the streets. I can be a maverick, and an innovator as well in many training areas ... this is one of them.

Today I received the just released and new model Surefire, EB1 Tactical Backup. It is the perfect size for me since I am now retired. Full size duty lights are ok for just that, duty, for an older guy just doing my CCW thing, this class of tactical light appears to be what I have been looking for, but I will wait until I put it through the paces first to see what it has, and what it doesn't have ... all the while doing a tactics film as well.

Lights can save your life; lights can get you dead!!! Misuse, or a lack of knowledge and experience is dangerous with lights, as such is true with firearms as well.

Here is an image I just shot moments ago of my new little companion, or at least hopefully so...

Look for the video soon. It will be fun playing in the dark again ... I loved night training, as the night is when the lions have the advantage, in the long grass, and on the streets or in your bedroom!

I waited for darkness to shoot this demo on my house. This is a bright light!

This is NOT one of the tactical training videos I am talking about shooting, only a show & tell demo of my new toy/tool...
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