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I often see the same people ( homeless/bum ) walking around my area . A few of them are way out there , talking to them selves , screaming at the top of there lungs on the corner . When I walk down the street . I must cross that street to avoid them . Why do I avoid them , because like I said they have been around for awhile and I seen them act out in very aggressive ways . . Sometimes the cops come and hall them away and two weeks later there they are again on the same corner doing the same thing .

How can this happen ? they know how to play the system and know what to say and the TERMINOLOGY to use . We have become a society that must put a label on everything and if they don't fit the exact label then there's not alot anybody can do .
See my point above about adequate funding for the mental health system. Estimates of the percentage of homeless people who are mentally ill run from 15% to 45%.... the main reason they're homeless is that they have no resources of their own, are too disabled to work, and we as a society have decided they're not worth caring for. Others have mentioned the movement to "deinstitutionalize" the mentally ill: community mental health centers and residential facilities were supposed to pick up the slack, but were and are chronically underfunded. We get what we pay for -- or don't.
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