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I have 1K PMC that I have loaded 4 times and they still have good, tight pockets. I think it is good bass.

FC and LC are both Federal, both good.

S&B in .223 I have never tried, but I have 300 .38 SPL S&B that have been loaded 3 times and they are still going strong, so if their rifle brass is anything like their handgun brass, go for it!

Comercial PPU that I have shot and deprimed did not have crimped pockets, so I am not sure about the previous post that said they do. I haven't reloaded any, but I have about 100 that are decapped and sized.

What is the deal with everyone saynig to use the off brand stuff for plinking? I have had very good paper punching accuracy with PMC brass at ranges up to 300 yards.
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