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"We might as well claim that all cartridges based on a rimless bottleneck case with ~.474" rim diameter should be traced back to the 7x57 Mauser round as it's probably the first one of that ilk."

It was.

I did.

As has been noted here earlier, Winchester itself indicated that the .30-03 was the starting point for the .270 when it introduced the round in the mid 1920s, a fact (not a decades-later guess) mentioned in the gun publications of the day.

As I also noted earlier, Winchester's engineers and ballisticians had absolutely NO qualms about dipping into the "funky & unpopular" vault for inspiration for new rounds.

The .220 Swift was based on an abysmal flop of a cartridge called the .236 (6mm) Lee Navy, while the .348 Winchester took its case inspiration from the .50-110 Winchester.
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