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I have an LCR, and the recoil really isn't that bad. It's more than any of my semi's, but it's far less than any other J-Frame I've ever shot. I shot through a box of target ammo and a box of +P the other day, and the recoil wasn't an issue. The LCR is actually a fun gun to shoot. LCP on the other hand...I've shot a mag through one, and I won't shoot another one. Downright unpleasant to shoot.

I should also say, I pocket carry my LCR regularly. I use a DeSantis Nemesis. It has a bit of print to it, but not really noticeable. It's harder to pocket carry in jeans, but certainly doable. I prefer my baggier cargo pants for it, but have done it with both, no issues.

Also, the trigger on the LCR is probably one of the best, if not the best, factory trigger I've ever felt on a DA revolver. No stacking, and breaks cleanly. If you're used to a short SA trigger, the LCR will feel strange, because it is pretty heavy and long, but given it's company, it's an amazing trigger.
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