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New (to Me) Colt Detective Special

I haven't been looking for a Colt Detective Special long, but finally realized I had been missing something by not having them back when they were new. Well, no time like the present...

I went down to my local gun store in hopes of finding a Colt D-frame to try out my list of timing checks (courtesy of DFarisWheel). I found a couple of Police Positives, an alloy-framed Cobra, and this, which I bought. It looks like it's been shot a little, but not much, and seemed to pass my amateurish timing checks. I can't find any indications that it's been carried - I'd have been okay with it as New - Old Stock. (Any imperfections you note are a comment on my photography, not the Colt.)

Now I have to find a source of standard pressure 38 Special ammunition, a harder task than I thought it would be when I wrote the check yesterday...

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