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Where: Academy Sports

When: 8am, Jan 3 2013

About 10 guys waiting outside the store for it to open.

I walk up, guys joking around. One guy tells me he's last in line. (They didn't have a line, so I laughed).

I've never seen a bunch of middle aged guys walk so fast.

We make it to the sporting goods dept, the shelves have some 223 ammo, 9mm, 22LR and the usual other stuff too. There was a pallet of assorted calibers as well.

Guys proceed to move directly to the Monarch 223 ammo. It's wiped out within 5 minutes. They had "Independence" brand 556 ammo, is this good stuff? No one was buying it.

I get what I came for, check out, ditch the stuff in my vehicle then come back to see how the rest of the crowd is doing.

Guys filling shopping carts with CASES of ammo (7.62x39) and other assorted stuff, even cases of 223 tracers.

The 22LR wasn't moving, so that must be more of a casual buyer item.

It wasn't a buying frenzy but people were there to buy, some were there to buy a lot of ammo. People were civil just some frustration with how 223 went so quickly.

I was just happy to see the shelves full of ammo, even if it was briefly.

Will probably go back this evening and see what crumbs are left.
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