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you are correct sir, I don't like that as well... I do put my single actions in the trigger loop, as they can't fire unless cocked, but typically on all the double actions, the peg goes behind the trigger ( BTW... that situation has been rectified ) on the single actions, there is not typically room for a peg behind the trigger...

when I was 1st setting up the room, I 1st put the peg in the trigger gaurd on the rifles... the 2nd one I hung up, tripped the sear... I didn't like that at all... all the rifles are unloaded butt... safety 1st... MRS asked me why I had the pegs behind the trigger guard, & I had to explain about dry firing the gun...

BTW... this is a gun safe, I'd protest having to put trigger locks on all the guns, since they are already locked up...
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