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Some good choices here.
- .22 LR - of course
- .32 H&R I echo the positive comments by L Kilkenny and others made -- enormously enjoyable and versatile little round that nicely spans the very wide gap from .22 to .38/.357, and does the snubbie thing better than the .38/.357. Perhaps my favorite cartridge. I too don't have much use for the .327 as a discreet purchase, but have nevertheless been a fan of it's existence and critic of Ruger, Federal etc for their mismanagement (IMO) of the round's marketing, ammo/component availbility etc. That said, given the opportunity would love to convert one of my .32 Single Sixes as a "just because" win-win proposition, the carbon ring shooting H&R's then notwithstanding.
- .38 - with the .357 I no longer see it as a discreet purchase, but they're a perrenially useful cartridge and what I shoot most in my .357s--agin the carbon ring notwithstanding ...and very versatile, especially for snubbies.
- .357 - perhaps most versatile cartridge on the planet, it's just so obnoxious in most non-.38-level loadings which to me are also the only point to have/shoot. It is what it is. Still, can't argue the enormous usefulness of the cartridge and I agree everyone has to have one in a DA, and I love my Montado so chambered. However, I only hve use for the one in SA so I want to convert my 5.5" New Vaquero to a .38-40/.40/10 badly!
- .44 Special - Maybe tied with the .32 H&R as my favorite carteridge. I echo Bob Wright's and other's positive thoughts here. Very versatile and potentially powerful cartridge while still being "friendly" to shoot. Yes. The .44 Mag does it all just more, but I find I shoot my midframe Special ¤uch more these days... That said,
- .44 Mag - the king, incredibly versatile, and superior to .45 in off-the shelf loadings/availblility. As large a frame/cartridge as I need. Desdpite my .44 Special leanings, I will not lose my .44 Mag (either).
- I echo the thoughts by Bob Wright I think of no need (for me) for a BFR. I'm glad they exist for that rare need nd for those who enjoy, but I'm not going to Alaska any time soon, and if I need something that big and powerful, I reach for a rifle.

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