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Federal cases are perhaps the best commonly available for reloading IF the loader understrands it and knows what he's doing.

Harder alloys are 'stronger' but being harder to start with assures they will also crack and split sooner. Fed uses a slightly softer alloy that is plenty strong enough for normal pressures and will last much longer than harder alloys if the pressures are held down a tad but it doesn't lend itself to hot-rodding as well as others.
Good point. Something else that I think turns people off on Fed brass is case capacity. I’ve seen people shooting mixed brass loads and then complain that Federal brass is junk. No kidding… it was probably way over pressure…. If people left Norma and Lapua brass lying around like Federals, we would probably hear the same thing about them.

Edit: FYI: A dillon swagger, improperly set up, will loosen a primer pocket.

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