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The Lee manual has loads for the 7.5 MAS and the 7.5 Swiss. I don't believe that they actually did any testing on the 7.5 MAS. I believe that they simply copied the 30-40 Krag load data and left it at that. Most anyone that loads for the 7.5 MAS will tell you that you can safely get better performance than the listed data in the Lee manual. I also agree that if you are competition shooting or going on a major hunting trip or you only use max loads that you should probably know the history of your brass. In the mean time I will continue to scrounge any usable brass I can find. ( unusable gets recycled $$). It is nice to have different books so you can see different views and techniques on how to do things and compare different load data. It is also nice to have the many reloading forums available on the internet for those odd ball calibers that the freaks load for
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