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Staying concealed while being very physically active

Hello all...I just want to see what new methods I can maybe pick up from various other people on the net. Ideas entirely new, ideas to incorporate into others to form my own. etc.

First off, I only carry full sized guns. Smallest I have is a Glock 19 and I mainly carry the following in no order. Glock 17 & 21 and SIG P226 & P220 at 4:00 IWB. When I'm running, bending down, moving, picking up something, etc. I cannot print. I can't begin to stress how much I cannot be printing.

No small guns. They serve me no purpose, unfortunately.

So what do you guys think I should do? New carry position? New holster included? A massive shirt doesn't help much and is like a musical curtain to lift up when drawing.

I'm in Miami, so it is hot. It would look out of place with a sweater on.

On the regular, I've always carried full sized and never had a problem in regular, average activities in public.

But for this, it's entirely different.

Any ideas?
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